Hunger Games

I’m hoping some of my new students come to school having read the Hunger Games trilogy this fall. But I also hope that I get the opportunity to inspire them to read this series that I absolutely adored. Although I’m not quite ready for the movies to come out (let us just read, won’t you!) I will definitely see the onscreen version.

If you have no idea what the Hunger Games is about…let me give you a quick summary. Suzanne Collins, the author, presents a futuristic, called Panem, where pretty much all freedoms have been destroyed. Each of the 12 districts remaining (there used to be 13, but apparently the 13th district was destroyed…) is run by the Capital, which reminds me a bit of Vegas and Hollywood combined. Katniss and her sister, Prim try to survive on their own in District 12, the most desolate of areas, as their father was killed in a mining accident and their mother is quite frankly incompetent with grief. With the assistance of family friend, Gale, hunting and poaching is the normal daily task to ensure survival.

Every year, each district is required to nominate two teenagers to attend the Hunger Games, a fight to the death adventure that is much like our reality show, Survivor. The winner will earn rations for their district, and the losers die. This whole scenario is broadcast to all districts, and citizens are required to watch.

Visit for a site about this book, along with games and activities.


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